Philosophy and declaration

Light up Taiwan with the power of "beauty"


I was raised in Yunlin countryside and have many memories of Taiwan, such as the glow of fireflies at night when I was little, the call of frogs in the summer, my old father's smile, etc, will always be there in my mind.

Since the company's founded, we have paid close attention to societal demands; concurrently, it is dedicated to looking out for employees, offering a welcoming workplace, and providing excellent welfare plan and numerous creative and varied programs to improve employees' lives and generate more living worth.

The societal obligations of JPC connectivity have increased over time. I am delighted and filled with hope. I have made the decision to invest ESG. Develop admirable social enterprises for Taiwan, and anticipate expanding social enterprise groups bringing influence in the beauty industry to Taiwan! Together, let's make Taiwan even more beautiful!

ESG philosophy

With the vigorous development of sustainable awareness, "sustainable operation" has become the common goal of global enterprises.
"ESG" indicators are also three dimensions to measure corporate operating performance and social responsibility effectiveness.

JPC connectivity Corporate ESG

JPC connectivity set up a sustainable management committee.

JPC connectivity promotes the concept and practice of corporate social responsibility to the supply chain.

JPC connectivity implements energy-saving and carbon-reduction activities to effectively use resources.

JPC connectivity will promote the GREEN supply chain from 2022, and practice 【Reduce】【Reuse】【Recycle】

JPC connectivity JPC Connectivity Announces 2050 Net Zero Carbon Emission Target.

ESG related certification information

In response to climate change and international sustainability trends, in order to reduce the impact on the environment and achieve environmentally sustainable benefits, and expand the scope of fund use, we combine the two ESG characteristics of green and social benefits, On August 18, 2023, JPC connectivity entered into a green and sustainable 3-month time deposit plan with Far East International Commercial Bank as a source of funds for subsequent green loans and perpetually linked loans. Through the positive impact and long-term benefits of deposits on the environment and society, JPC connectivity has incorporated sustainable projects into the company's strategic planning to demonstrate its emphasis on sustainable development.

Sustainability Committee (ESG)

ESG Member ESG Member
Governing Body

Focus on perpetual development/Integral Management Risk Management/Information Security/Innovative Technology

Prevailing Communication

Stakeholder Agreement/Customer Relationship/Responsible Purchasing

Environmental Considerations

Greenhouse Gas, Energy Carbon Reduction/Water Management/Green Business/Recycling

Long-term Partners

Talent fostering/Happy employees/Socially responsible


ESG Environment


Friendly working environment
Commitment to green production
Dedication to ecosystem sustainability

Creating GHG emissions reduction goals

Improving production by reducing energy consumption

Using materials more efficiently, minimizing waste by reusing and recycling

ESG Social


Employee benefits
Local support
Creating value together

Ensuring a high-quality workplace environment

Flexible work hours for employees on parental leave

Arts and cultural activities for families

ESG Governance


A complete corporate governance structure
Increasing company valuation
Upholding shareholders' role in governance

Improving governance structure constantly

Promoting efficient decision-making

Optimizing day-to-day operations

RBA Policy

JPC Connectivity commits to actively promote the standards of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) code of conduct by ensuring compliance with labor rights, protecting employee health and safety, maintaining environmental protection, complying with ethics and effective management systems, and accepts the arrangement of third-party verification agencies In addition to conducting on-site audits, we also actively encourage suppliers to adopt RBA tools and standards. In order to reflect this commitment and create a sustainable business environment, we will uphold an honest and uncompromising attitude and stance and formulate JPC RBA related policies to ensure that the company's business activities always comply with RBA standard requirements.

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RBA Certificate 2
RBA Certificate 3
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