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In order to help public welfare and education groups to strengthen the ability to use information technology, JPC connectivity would like to donate related products such as copper coaxial cables (wires) and optical fiber transceivers.

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JPCconnectivity x NTURACING
JPC connectivity | Philanthropy | Education
JPC connectivity participated in the National Taiwan University Racing Team-Student Engineering Team with high-voltage connectors/wiring harnesses to build its own racing car and participate in the international student formula competition. Cooperate with students' skills and majors, feel the sense of speed of Formula Student racing, and build a dream for Taiwan's future.
JPCconnectivity & Yunlin
JPC connectivity Yunlin Deep Cultivation Plan 2023
Jessica Chang, the founder of JPCconnectivity, said that "Dream Assistance" has been supporting Yunlin rural students to study with peace of mind for more than 30 years. Hua has produced 2 national players, 1 National Games gold medalist, etc. The deep cultivation plan emphasizes character education, is committed to discovering outstanding talents with special expertise, and transforming the future of disadvantaged students in rural areas.
JPCconnectivity & Yunlin
JPC connectivity x National Taipei University, Industry-Academia Collaboration and Exchange.
JPC self-made high-voltage and high-current energy storage connectors and wiring harnesses are introduced into the power system of the Beida Formula Student racing car. Continue to deepen and assist Taiwan's new generation of students to innovate, develop and design capabilities, so as to have strong professional strength for future employment.
JPCconnectivity & Yunlin
JPC collaborates with National Yang-Ming University to ensure uninterrupted education.
With Yang Ming Jiaotong University to help Ukrainian students continue their studies in Taiwan, bring into play the spirit of humanitarian relief, and implement the goals of sustainable development of the SDGs with concrete actions. With the help of the JPC scholarship, two Ukrainian students studied in the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and the Department of Information Engineering respectively. I hope they can continue their studies in a safe environment and plan their future careers, so as to introduce more outstanding international students to Taiwan and cultivate outstanding technology Talent.
JPCconnectivity & Yunlin
Autism Care Charity Run
JPC sponsored a large-scale charity road running event, inviting all employees to participate, enjoy the fun of sports, improve physical and mental health, and demonstrate the company's team spirit.
JPCconnectivity & Yunlin
The love of JPC colleagues for immediate rescue!!
Thank you JPC colleagues for your immediate rescue!!
JPC donated a total of NTD300,000 to Tzu Chi's Aid Care and Fundraising Mechanism to help the affected people get through the most difficult period and resume their daily lives as soon as possible.
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